{~*pinch pinch pinch!*~}

Pinch pinch pinch!

A few summers back Mr. McPorkchop & I visited the Newport Oregon Aquarium and they had this great exhibit about crabs, complete with a little dance. Pinch pinch PINCH! Dance dance dance!

I woke up this morning feeling like my fingers were asleep! But it didn't go away. And three of my fingers are numb and feeling like they have little pins and needles hanging out in them. I'm taking new medicines and my mom suggested doctors to rule out weird medicine interactions, but nope! Pinched nerve! Pinch! Pinch! PINCH! It's in my elbow.

With Cheri, my wonderful dr's help, it's determined that embroidering + knitting + sewing have pinched a nerve in my elbow through repetitive motion! Oh BOO! Just when I got new fabrics and I'm 80% done with an embroidered mini quilt AND almost to the decrease rows of Baktus. One of my flickr friends, Kelly, she always jokes that I never sleep and I guess I truly make the most of each day, lol, so much that I pinch a nerve because I have 900 projects I'm working on! Plus planning a super magical wedding!

I have 5 new pads that are done and waiting to be snapped, I'm designing a longer length pad for a friend and I got some amazing civil war prints to use for them for her, there's a cute stack of pouches for the craft show and two custom doll quilts that I'm anxious to start. Not to mention my TWO months of blocks for 12squared! AND I find out my swap partner for DQS7 today maybe! Sheesh.

Instead I'm laying on the couch watching an NCIS marathon, reading and alternating hot and cold, all while trying to stay off etsy. There are wayyyy too many cute fabrics calling my name and I have no self control!

I'm debating indulging in a new book for my iphone, I lovveeeee the kindle app sooo much! Books on demand! Love it! Shanna has been telling me allllll about the new Nora Roberts and I'm trying so so so hard to hold off buying it, especially because I know Amanda sent me some paperbacks AND Eva suggested a bunch of new books to read too! EEEEK!!! But I can tell you that the weekend I went to Grass Valley, I read FOUR paperbacks in the car! Mr. McPorkchops dad sat in the front seat and I laid in the back seat with the warm sun on my face and read and embroidered and knit. It was glorious. There may have even been some napping involved!

Also, there are only a handful of spots left for the pad of the month club! I've gotten 7 emails from ladies asking for a hint...so heres a hint...one fabric is a cotton linen blend imported from Japan. That's all! The rest is top secret!

okok! Back to reading and being a semi lazy bum!