{~*Let's Sew!*~}

I had such a great weekend! Except for the fact that those pinching pains are actually tendonitis! Charming huh? I get to wear fancy wrist braces now when I sew. But thats ok!

I took the entire weekend off from sewing. I do post a lot of photos of stuff I'm working on, but I don't post as many as I did before. Unfortunately there are some questionable ethics these days on flickr/etsy. I've been finding people favoriting my photos and turning around and copying me and selling their goods on etsy. Which is kinda lame. So now I kinda filter myself, which is ok!

I'm in the process of making some mini quilts. I have two commissions both of which I am so so so excited about!!!! I've decided that I'm going to start listing mini quilts in my shop! SO exciting!!!!

Also, I'm part of Doll Quilt Swap 7, I'm sooo excited for that! I've ordered a crysthamum dresden set for use in my partners quilt...along with some Kaffe prints! Oooooo!!!!

I just updated the shop with 3 more slots for pad club, along with some new pads! Yay!

How is your summer going so far?

Also! If you recently sent me a birthday gift of magazines, please email me :) I'd like to thank you but there was no name on the package :) modernacorn AT gmail DOT com :)