~*{Star Filled Nights}*~

Yesterday was so fantastic and today is looking to be just as good!

I sewed all day. Like 15 hours. I had the shop stocked and updated early in the afternoon, I taught Ashley how to make a Jane Market Bag, she brought over her sewing machine and I was insanely jealous, it's an older Kenmore and completely metal and heavy duty and just really really neat. So we made her an awesome Jane bag out of some Heather Ross fabrics, I made my mom a quilted Kitchen Aid mixer cover, the prototype for the ones that I'll be wholesale selling at a shop here in Redding, CA, I need to still take photos of it. Around 6:30 I finally stopped sewing, ate some dinner and finished reading a book from Amanda. Then I decided I *needed* to try to make a wonky star block. These ideas just happen. I'm sure they've happened to you too!

I've made "correct" star blocks before, I made my mom a sparkling cider table runner which has some great stars in it, but I wanted something wonky and fun and playful. And plus I'm dying to make some mini quilts to sell in my shop and get some practice for my commissions! So after some bitching, some hair pulling, lots of seam ripping, I made the above block. Little did I know that with googles help, I could have just used this fantastic tutorial! *face palm!*

I read a little more and then went to bed. When I woke up this morning with plans of quilting and backing the mini quilt and then I thought...wow...this would be SO cute as an entire quilt! The block is BIG, 17.5 inches, BIG! So when in doubt, ask flickr! Everyone on flickr is rooting for a big quilt and I am too! But now I'm torn!

I have 5 more pink unicorns, plus some in green and peach. And I do have the princess and the frogs from far far away. Do I make just a unicorn quilt? Or do I go crazy and make wonky stars using the entire line as the centers? Do I make all different sized stars? I think I'd free motion quilt shooting stars on it because I'm big into stars, my mom & I have matching star tattoos on our feet even! We like stars in this household! I know I could do a block a night and make it into a longer running project, something fun to look forward to working on each night.

What do you think?

In other rad news:

Today its going to be 113 degrees. Eek!!! So I'm heading to the lake to float around on a raft and soak up the Redding sun! I'll only be here for another 4 weeks, then its back to Eureka with no sunshine, but all my amazing quilting friends who I miss to bits and pieces! I always feel so inspired to sew after being away from it for the day! Know what I mean?

Also, did I tell you that on Saturday I'm learning how to make sushi from Helen Chen? YUP! How awesome is that going to be?!?! It's an early birthday gift from my mom! If your in the Redding area, you should check out thatkitchenplace, they have awesome classes! You can even learn how to make pasta from scratch from my very own mom!!!!

ok! I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!


PS: If you sent me an early birthday gift of magazines with no return address and no name, please email me, I'd like to thank you :)