I'm feeling absurdly overwhelmed today. Maybe I shouldn't have taken the day off yesterday to float around the lake like a giant lazy bones!

Instead of being overwhelmed I'm going to talk about Doll Quilt Swap 7!!!!


Doll Quilt Swap is where you have a secret partner, you stalk their blogs and flickr to learn about them and then you make them a top secret mini quilt! And then at the same time someone is stalking you and you get a mini quilt!

Fun right?

I've been stalking my partner since I learned who she is! I've decided to make a chrysanthemum dresden plate, she said she wanted applique and likes traditional and contemporary, but I'm still pretty torn if she's going to like it though. And she likes Kaffe so I thought I'd use his prints + shot cotton.

Since I know my partner will be reading this, I'll share this:

Right now I'm obsessed with coin quilts, wonky star quilts, anything applique, I love english paper piecing, as well as cute foundation piecing where people make gnomes and trees! I love far far away, anything japanese kawaii/zakka, the colors marigold, mimosa, gray, pink, peach, etc. I don't love neons. I'm in love with autumn, halloween and am getting married the day before halloween! I love woodland themes, Erin Michaels lush is one of my favorite lines ever! The same with Heather Ross's West Hill & Lightning Bugs!

Today I'm taking it easy. I woke up feeling gross and now I feel even grosser. I went to the post office and mailed packages and felt like throwing up the entire time. Ew. I need to take the dog to the vet at 3, but I'm just going to relax on the couch until then. I got cosmic pluto knits simple yet effective shawl pattern and I'm knitting it with some pigeonroof studios yarn! Very rad!

What are you up too today?

P.S., if you sent me a birthday gift with no return address or name, please contact me :) I'd like to thank you!

P.S.S. There are still some slots available for pad club and some pads in stock! I got the fabric in the mail yesterday for Augusts pad club and I know your going to love it!