{*~Busy Bee~*}

ZOMG! Where has this summer gone?! It's flown by so so so fast!

I'm so incredibly overwhelmed right now! I'm heading back to Eureka for good on Thursday! Yup! TOMORROW! I need to pack up an entire summers worth of stuff TODAY. There is fabric everywhere, thread in piles, stacks of unfinished projects. SHOOT ME NOW ;) Just teasing!

This week has been so so so busy! I've been working on some shop stuff, some personal projects, stuff for my mom. It's been insane. But today everything has to be put away and put on hold!

Yesterday I sat for my dear friend Mel, she did this amazing tattoo for me in exchange for a quilt! I made her a rad camera strap yesterday and gave it to her before we started. I freaking love it. I adore Shooter Jennings like whoa, I've listened to this song DAILY in order to keep my head up and not completely snap. You can see the inspiration for it here

It's my birthday on Saturday. I'm turning the big 2-7. And then in 3 months I'm going to be a Mrs. McPorkchop! That's a lot in three months! I'm so excited for all of it. We aren't doing anything big for my birthday, I kinda want to head out to one of the lagoons and just go fishing and paint. Maybe go out for sushi. Something verryyyy low key! I just want to spend the day with Mr. McPorkchop and relax like whoa :) Hopefully there will be some animal crossing tucked in there for good measure :)

I'm insanely behind on replying to emails. Once I get back to the Coast on Friday I'm going to sit down and go through my entire inbox. It feels like I get caught up and no one emails me and then suddenly 40 people will message me all at once which I am so so so excited about but I'm the type of person that needs peace and quiet to keep a train of thought going, lol! Also, keep an eye out for pad of the month packages. I've already been sewing them and I think they'll be in the post realllllyyyyy soon! Yayayay!

What are you up to this bright Wednesday? Sewing? Working? Relaxing?