{*~Home Again~*}

I'm back in Eureka! Yay!!!!

My birthday was great! Mr. McPorkchop & I relaxed, went to some yard sales, ate an amazing lunch and laid around. It was so totally what I needed. He gave me a birthday card with freaking MICHAEL from the Office on it. I about died. He spoiled me rotten and got me all sorts of great gifts. It was perfect!

Today I'm waiting for my sewing machine dealer to give me a jingle and let me know my work machine is done being cleaned, then it's back to making pad club pads! OMG! I'm seriously dying for you guys to see them. They are so freaking cute!!!! Kawaiiiii!!! Zakkkaaaaa!!!!! BEST!

This week things are going to be pretty gosh darn busy, I'm going to be updating the shop almost daily with new pads and good stuff. I'm also curious about a few things and I'd love it if you could give me some feedback!

As you know, it's my pet dream to start a mini quilted goods shop, selling all sorts of cute quilted little trinkets. I can't decide what to do, do I sell them on modernacorn.etsy? Do I start a brand new etsy? Do I start a brand new big cartel? I love that with etsy I can meet new people, which is always so so so much fun to me and more people can see my stuff but sadly just like flickr, people use etsy as "inspiration" (sarcasm) and it's so easy to get burned :( I'm so torn but I have entire summers worth of rad new projects and I'm just too wimpy to show them off!

I'm unsure what to do because I want to keep my pad shop and quilted stuff seperate.

Thoughts? Feedback?


Have a GREAT Monday!