{*~Hey Gorgeous~*}

Well! I got my featherweight back!!! I bought it in early May off eBay. I got an amazzzzzzing deal. I promptly took it to a local gal to get completely cleaned, adjusted, the whole shabang. Yesterday, she came back to me. She's so so so so gorgeous. I'm buying some car wax this weekend to reallyyyy make her shine!

Unfortunately, SHE STINKS. She's the most musty smelling thing that I've EVER encountered! Ick! Her original box stinks and it's been lightly bleached this afternoon and stuffed full of dryer sheets but her...sheesh. I'm not sure what to do with her!

When I posted this to flickr I noticed some other featherweight users came out and chatted, do you have a featherweight? Did you name her? I think I'm going to name her after my great great grandmother who was a seamstress but I'm not too sure.

The details:

1951 Featherweight

Centennial Edition

Rewired the food pedal cord and powercord but kept the original bakelite powerplug and foot pedal.

So far she runs like a DREAM. DREAM! I pieced an entire quilt on her today, she's THAT good. The best part? She's SMALL. 11 lbs! I went to Target, bought an extension cord and sat outside with her. And sewed. Outside. On a little fold up table. It was the BEST thing EVER!!!! The only thing I'd change is that her front plate is striped and not scrolled. But thats ok.

The good news comes from a morning of YUCK. I finished all my pad club pads yesterday afternoon and my new snaps arrived today. I went to snap something and BROKE A DIE. This might not seem like a big deal, but this is an industrial freaking snap press. I didn't have it tightened, it came loose and I took a chunk out of it where the snap would lay. So I have pad club pads, shop pads, etc here and...no snaps. I called the place and they were AMAAZINGGG and I'll have a new snap die by Friday at the latest. Thank goodness.

In other news, I've decided to give etsy a go! I've made a shop, my friend Amanda made me a banner. I decided to keep modernacorn simple. High quality rad pads are what it's known for and I'm totally going to keep it that way. I'll announce when the new etsy shop is open. I'm starting small but hopefully the stuff will put some smiles on some faces, thats my goal :)

Have a great Tuesday!