{*So Cozy*}


I've been spending each day on the couch, under blankets, reading google reader, freaking out about the economy and day dreaming. With my little Christmas tree twinkling and my favorite pine candles burning. It's been 4 days of lazy relaxing with my Porkchop and I've loved every.single.second.of.it! We've started watching this show called "The Rockford Files" on netflicks, haha :) 

I wish it didn't get so dark here! Last night I made 101cookbooks mushroom casserole and it was incredible, but photographed horrible! I used a wild rice blend from Lundberg! One thing I love about visiting Mr. McPorkchops dad in the valley is he lives right near all the rice farms and knows a lot of the growers, which usually means we come home with more free rice than we know what to do with! And sunsweet ones because he works for Sunsweet and runs one of the dryers of fruit! Neat!  Anyways! The mushroom casserole was phenom and so warm and filling, but not too heavy. I added ham to ours and invited Aric over! It was delish and fun! The photos made it look terrible though! Stupid overhead lighting!!! But trust me, thats a fantastic receipe. I think I used all low/no fat daily products, simply because that was what I had and no one noticed!

Tonight I'm making sausage stuffed potatoes! They sound so rich and amazing! Perfect for an extra cold night on the couch! Mr. McPorkchop bought me a crime/suspense paperback, so after I eat, I'll be relaxing reading under a mountain of plaid, wool and winter printed blankets while he studies for finals.

Tomorrow I'm going to get up early and get cracking on packing. Mr. McPorkchop & I are going to Mr. McPorkchops dads house on Saturday for the next FOUR WEEKS!!! I'm bringing both machines, my iron, our snowshoes, stuff to go ride quads in, my sketchbook, yarn, christmas gifts! Going away for 4 weeks requires so much packing!!! And cleaning!! I can't handle the thought of coming home to a messy house!

I'm super excited because I've already received shipping notices for the new fabric I've purchased, so it'll most likely be waiting for me in Gridley! I can't wait to be able to watch tv while sewing in front of his dads fire place! HEAVEN!!!

I'm going to have very, very, very limited internet while I'm there, Mr. McPorkchops dad only has dialup, so gmail will be loaded in HTML and I won't be able to flickr, googlereader or facebook :(, although I just learned that AT&T offers free wireless for customers at Starbucks, so I'll most likely head there to update the blog and shop! Wait till you see what I have in mind for the shop! Besides, any excuse for a cozy night at starbucks with a peppermint mocha sounds perfect to me! So have patience with me regarding emails, etsy convos and catching up with your blogs!!!

Have a super fantastic rest of your week!!!!