{*Under the Weather*}


This was one of those weekends that you just don't want to end. Ever. In fact, I'm blogging from bed still. At 11 am. Ssshhh. Don't tell anyone what a lazy bones I am.

Although I have good reason! Sinus infection! BOOO!!!!

On Friday the Porkchop & I went and saw Four Christmases, it was *totally* us, one of those movies where every few minutes one of us was squeezing each others hand because it was *an us moment*. Hilarious!

We slept in on Saturday and man, I was grumpy and sick all day. We went to the post office where they had no news of three of my missing packages, the line was insane and everyone was coughing on me. Sick!!!! Haha. Then we went on a little lunch date and came home and watch movies on demand on net flix.  We thought movies on demand would be amazing, turns out, theres a less than stellar choice and some movies don't work well at all! Like, they've been uploading incorrectly. So we watched Beer for My Horses, I won't lie, I'm a big Toby Keith fan. Lets just say the idea of taking a 5 minute song and making it into a movie over an hour long...yeek!!! Then we went to Target for some snacks, then came home and watched more tv and wii.

And I started my most complicated knitting to date. foliage!!! I've never knit lace before. I'm knitting out of a skein of malabrigo in a solid color called "American Beauty". It has involved me pausing tv and talking out loud "YO! K1! SP2K! YO!". Porkchop just sits and watches me and eggs me on. It's hilarious. I know I've done *something* wrong, as my leaves no longer look quite like leaves, but each row I end up with the right amount of stitches, so I'm going to be rocking a very wonky hat. I'd rip it out and start over, but lets face it, NO WAY! COME ON! It's just going on my head to keep me warm! No one needs to know that they are leaves. Agreed? Agreed!


While we were at Target, we spent a wopping $9 on a waffle iron. I love waffles. Crave waffles. But I've never made them because when I look at waffle mixes, they are filled with things I'm allergic to. So I made them from scratch yesterday morning using allergen free ingredients! Like Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate Chips! Which are a mere $6.99 a bag. For chocolate chips. >:{ But it was worth it to eat a fantastic breakfast and know I wouldn't feel icky for the rest of the day!


After breakfast I ordered some new fabrics! Imagine my surprise when I wanted to order some fabrics from a shop on Etsy, only to be told that since my order was large, they'd be charging me extra per cut. Wait. WHAT?! That's so so so not even remotely ok! Of course I didn't order with them!

I did place an order with fabricworm! Have you seen Cynthia's shop? She gets all the new incredible fabrics so fast and ships them to you even faster and her customer service is phenom! I bought a bunch of the new Echino!!! I can't *wait* to make pads from it!!!

I got a lot of new fabrics! I'm getting them all shipped to Mr. McPorkchops dads house, as we will be staying there from Saturday until after the New Year! I can't wait to have a big huge table to sew on in front of his fire place! HEAVEN!!!! Plus new fabrics! EEK! Want to see another one I bought? More Lara Cameron! From Ink&Spindle!!  I love love love her!

So after fabric was ordered, we bundled up and were determined to find some snow and test out the 4WD in my jeep.

I'll leave you with some snow photos! Have a fantastic Monday!!!!