{*Happy Friday*}


{*Happy Friday!!!!!*}

I don't know why I still get excited about Fridays! Haha! I guess technically any day can be a Friday now, but still, its nice to have the winter shop fully stocked and doing business, its pouring outside right now, the Christmas tree is brightly lit, its just a good day to be a Friday! It was *so* much fun taking etsy photos today, I had Christmas music blaring, the tree glowing, it was warm, I'm definately in the spirit now! And!!!! I got an early morning Starbucks date with Mr. McPorkchop so I could get a larger size coffee cup, haha :)

I definitely am sinus infected! Goodie!!!! Thankfully I have a ton of cloth nose wipes, lots of orange juice and warm blankets to keep me cozy! Tonight Mr. McPorkchop & I are going on a movie date! We are seeing a Christmas movie, Four Christmases!

I got a bunch of the Sassafrass Life at The Pole paper and I think tomorrow I might make a broach out of it and some felt and fabric scraps! How fun would that be! I got two new hoodies in the mail this week, this one! and this blue one! I had $60 in gift cards, plus a coupon code, so I got some good stuff for not a lot! Budget shopping at its finest! So now each new hoodie needs a festive broach! I'm the type of person who if its something I can stick a pin in, I'll wear it as a broach! It's just my nature! 

Tomorrow is the lighted truck parade! Hopefully the rain will stop!!! I'm going to come home tonight and wrap all the orders, then after the post office tomorrow I'm going to work on some Christmas gifts!

OH! And!!! Knitty has this sweater called Everybody Knows that I'm dying to knit! I can make it in Malabrigo, which is so exciting, but does anyone know of any good sources for 8-10 skeins of it? I checked the recommended shops on Ravelry, but they are in icky colors :( I'd really love navy, olive or a grey! Any advice?!

Have a fantastic Friday everyone!!!! See you tomorrow!!!!