{*Hello Sinus*}


*Thanks everyone for your sewing machine thoughts*!

It's not doing so hot, I brought it by the sewing/vac place that is local, basically something is hanging up the bobbin. It works ok when I stitch normal straight stitches, but not so much going through layers decoratively >:( When I go home for Christmas I'll being it by a Pfaff dealer and see what sort of magic they can work.

Instead of moping around all day, I got to work on coffee cup cozies! I've been wanting to make these little guys for a while now!!! I got out some of my favorite winter themed fabrics and went to town! They have a layer of batting on the inside. I made the cutest valentine themed one! Gah! I can't wait to show you tomorrow!!!! Mr. McPorkchop has promised me a starbucks trip in the morning, I'm claiming it a business trip so I can grab a venti sized cup so I can add an extra snap to these so they are adjustable! They'll be in the shop tomorrow night! Yay!!! I already have about ten done! But I'll gladly take custom orders on these if you know of a fabric I have that you'd like a cozy in!!! Oh! And some of them are backed with washable wool, some are backed in cotton and some twill! Yay for options!!!

AND! I got LUSH TODAYYYYY!!! I got it as a gift from a special someone, but I know that fabricworm has some! In fact, after I update on Saturday, I might buy the wood grain print, wouldn't that be a beautiful skirt?! I ended up getting the deer print *of course* and the paint chart! So so so so cute! They are going to make fantastic pads!!!

Unfortunately my icky throat from yesterday has turned into a sinus infection! Booo!!!! But I'm actually pretty jazzed, its been since September that I've had one! That's a big deal for me! I have extremely bad allergies and get sinus infections pretty often, I think this might be a record! Tonight I'm going to steam my face with some essential oils and a sinus tincture that I made. It helps * a lot*. But today was nice, I just worked on cozies and drew with a hot face cloth on my head..haha!!! 

Tomorrows winter shop update is going to be pretty big, I have over 20 pads, some wipe sets, the cup cozies, some tree ornaments...its going to be *fun*!!!!

And Saturday...ready for Saturday..

It's a decorated truck parade and my house?

It's on the route!!!

Mr. Mr Porkchop and I discovered this last year! One evening we kept hearing sirens and loudness and flashing lights, so we went across the street...low and behold...

A lighted truck parade!!! We watched big logging trucks, tractor trailers, all sorts of trucks that are just decorated with lights! It's hilarious!

If you live in Eureka, CA, I'll be outside, with my coffee. Watching the trucks dressed as reindeer!

OH! Before I forget!

You know Tania right? Well she's making Maine Morning Mitts too!!!! Have you seen her stuff? She's *fantastic!* I have two of her little mini bird paintings, one lives on my thermostat and one that I wear as a necklace! Yay!!!

Have a fantastic Thursday!!!!!! I'll be back tomorrow with some photos of some neat projects I've been working on!!!!