I thought I'd blog this morning and chat about the upcoming wedding.

I have to admit, I'm not a traditional bride. I didn't want a white dress. Or a priest. Or a large hohum event. Nada.

I did want something very DIY, very casual (no one is wearing suits/fancy dresses), and just like a celebration of us as a couple, I'm not so much one of those brides who's "ME ME ME! MY DAY! MEEEEE".

Sarah was an absolute DREAM to work with. Since we aren't having a conventional wedding, we decided to have our topper dressed in our daily "uniforms". I'm a jeans, deep v teeshirt and cardi kinda girl, Mr. McPorkchop is  red flannel and wrangler jean wearing kinda guy. Perfect!

  • Instead of a cake, we've decided on having cupcakes! My moms friend Kathleen is an ammmazzzing baker and she offered to bake for us! We are having spice cupcakes (perfect for autumn) with cream cheese frosting! Now for the fun stuff:
  • We got these lace doilies!
  • These wrappers!
  • Edible gold!
  • And of course, these, these andddd these!

As far as a ceremony, we picked a very simple and loving reading.

For my dress, I'm wearing a light champagne colored satin. I made it myself from a Cynthia Rowley pattern, number 2497. I had a LOT of help with it. The sewing itself was easy, however, making the dress flattering was another story. I think I have an awkward body shape. In the end, the dress isn't 100% flattering but how many people can really say that they MADE their wedding dress???

I need to get a hair cut before the wedding, I realized today that my hair just isn't cute! lol.

I think thats everything?

One last thing...my dream wedding gift? Nook. I want one so so so bad. I think his & hers ereaders would be the perfect way to start a marriage. lol.