{*Ms Becomes Mrs*}

I can't believe it's already November! And I can't believe I'm a WIFE!!!!


Mr. McPorkchop & I tied the knot last Friday. It was a great time even though I forgot my vows and started crying, lol. My uncle, aunt and cousin flew in. My very best friends took Mr. McPorkchop & I out for a night on the town in Chico...oh dear...too many blue drinks were consumed. lol. We spent the weekend in Mt. Shasta and Ashland OR. It was great.

Before I left I had a little health scare and spent yesterday getting rechecked at the drs. No no no fun!!! Who wants to come home from their honeymoon to the drs?! Not me! No way!

Needless to say, November is turning out to be a very exciting month! I'm spending the afternoon replying to emails and cleaning my sewing space. I have tons of pads to sew and great projects to work on. And a heating pad calling my NAME! I have a plan of making a gray and red wreath for our kitchen in honor of the upcoming holidays. I'm thinking the theme of this winter is going to be plaid plaid PLAID! I'm obsessed with winter and having a great time planning winter adventures, which is so weird because right now the weather here in Humboldt is very warm and very sunny! But I'm not complaining!

I've been on a strict no spending diet the past few months, two nights ago I broke down and ordered two japanese fat quarters, the sashing for my wedding quilt, some flannel for some pads (good quality flannel that can take a ton of washings? yes plz!) and...fabric for a new bag! I've decided to brave Amy Butlers Weekender Travel Bag. I've heard its a PITA to sew, but I'm going to totally attempt it. My poor little featherweight sewing machine has been living in a reusable grocery bag from Raleys, lol, so it deserves a proper bag, plus those outer pockets will be perfect for supplies, like my rotary cutter. I'm making it out of Kokka GIANT Russian Doll fabric and some Kona solid cottons. I'm going to hopefully make one and then make a second one if it goes easy enough out of some Kokka Dala horse fabric so I can have a cozy overnight bag. Ambitious? Yes. Crazy? YES. I might even add little purse feet to the bottom of it. Yes oh YES!

This month I'm trying to get stuff DONE. To try to motivate myself, I'm going to participate in Tallgrass Prairie's Joy in the New Year! I have four quilts to finish, my neptune quilt, my halloween quilt, my wedding quilt and a quilt for a Christmas gift for someone who sometimes reads this. lol.

In other exciting news, I'm so excited to work on jamaica's book of lists project! If you know me, you know I love lists! Even better, I won one of her books! SWEEET!!! You should totally join in! I don't know ANYTHING about scrapbooking but I did spend the better part of 5 years doing some printmaking and I have a deep love for all things paper!

And I've been mentioned on True Up today for my fabric on shelves! yay!!! Thanks so much Mary Beth!

Ok, I'm off to clean my studio space and get back into the flow of sewing and working! I hope everyone is having a great November so far!