I've been so so so swamped with work lately! I've been getting up super early each day and sewing late into the night. I've discovered the most fantastic Christmas pandora radio station and I've been LOVING it!!!

I've been working on a backlog of pad orders, several quilts, ordering fabrics, getting ready for a MASSIVE shop update, starting December Daily...all sorts of good stuff. I attempted to take photos today of two new quilts that I'm quilting next week but it's a VERY windy day and nothing was staying put! I'm also attempting to get some Christmas gifts done and out of the way! I can barely catch my breath! Not to mention my mind is spinning with ideas for Christmas-y crafts for our little house!

On Tuesday my very best friend is coming over and spending the night...I'm debating making an oreo cream pie using newman o's, I'm cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner this year and have plans for a peppermint oreo cream pie using those great peppermint oreos from Trader Joes, but I figure I can test drive the recipe on Tuesday...just give it a little go..plus two oreo pies in two weeks? Who can say no to that?! Well...my waist line for sure..but whatever ;)

Friday we are heading home for ten days! We are pretty excited! We are cutting down a Christmas tree and riding quads in the mountains one day, heading to Cabelas & Reno another day, visiting my very very very best friend in the Bay Area for a day or two..it's going to be a GREAT Thanksgiving break! I'm bringing two quilts to be quilted because Mr. McPorkchops dad has a GIANT table for me to sew on! BEST!

Okok, back to work! But before I leave, are you on tumblr? It's my favorite thing!

Have a great Monday!