{*~Last Day Of November~*}

I feel like time keeps flying by me! Like my to do list is longer than the time in a day. I feel like I can't catch up! I've been neglecting my friends, my blog, my shops. Starting tomorrow I'm going to start posting once a day, three things that I'm thankful for or that inspire me. I'm also doing a December Daily, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to share pages from that with you guys! I need to learn to slow down, breathe and look more around me!

Today I'm learning my new sewing machine! I'm REALLY hard to please with sewing machines, I've been test sewing for the past 8 months :/, but this one is fitting the bill perfectly so far. It's called a Bernina 820 I'm pretty much in love. It's amazing. I've named her Greta. I can honestly say that this sewing machine is like the cream of the crop, it allows you to have COMPLETE control, no guess work, everything is laid out really well! I did buy something neat, it's called a Sew Slip, it's been pretty neat so far, it's like a slick surface and allows the fabric to really glide! I've been practicing quilting all morning!

I've updated etsy with new pads, if you follow me on twitter you may have read my tweet, if you purchase two or more pads I'll refund your shipping! Just enter either twitter or blog, depending on where you found this info from :)

It's only 11 am and I've already showered, cleaned, updated etsy, practiced quilting, replied to 25 emails (still have 25 more...blech!), packaged up orders, balanced my checkbook and paid some bills. I'm going to run to the post office, the bank, the coop and Michaels! I need a red stamp pad! I'm also dying to make a large bag for my embroidery, I think 3 years ago? Mr. McPorkchop bought me a gorgeous winter sampler, made in France, it's stunning. I literally have only finished HALF of one little 2 inch space. I'm hoping to work on it a little bit each night and maybe finish it by March, lol. I need a new "sit in front of the tv" project :)

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and I'll see you tomorrow!