*~First Time~*

Today has been simply fantastic!

I woke up bright and early, 6:15!!! Holy smokes! Normally I'm an 8:30-9ish kinda girl!

I played my new obsession, Farmville, for a little while. My best friend has been playing for the past month and we always joke about it, well somehow yesterday afternoon I sat on the couch with the warm laptop resting on my stomach and played for over an hour building my farm! My first love? Reindeer!!! My second love? CATS! Shanna sent me my first cat last night! I was way too excited! I'm collecting reindeer, at last count I had 28 of them! haha.

I spent the morning packaging orders, replying to emails, working on December Daily, making new pads and popping dinner in our crockpot! Then I swung by the fabric store for some flannels to match the start of my fabric bucket! I decided to make a bucket to keep all my winter sampler embroidery stuff in. I know flannel isn't really the "ideal" fabric for a bucket but I really like it. I'm playing with color combos and textures I've never tried before. And then...

I quilted it. On my new machine. I was struggling at first, the machine will beep if you are going too fast and are running the risk of skipping a stitch, then Mr. McPorkchop said "Why are you using the foot pedal, the machine sews without it, remember, the lady showed us". And it was like a little light bulb went off in my head! So I unplugged the foot pedal (which I'm not sure I even had to do), pressed a button, next thing I know, the needle is moving and its my job to move the fabric. I'm not going to lie, I was SHAKING the entire time! I was so scared for some reason! lol. I'm also really weird, ready for this blog readers? When I concentrate on something, I kinda stick my tongue out a tiny bit, it's my "focus face". Totally embarrassing and dorky but it works. Like opening your mouth when you apply mascara. I know lots of people do that! lol!

Well, it worked. One small skipped stitch in the entire thing and it was me going over a large seam too fast. No overlapping threads. No jagged lines. It's not 100% perfect, but it's the best I've ever done! I've got the chapped lips now to prove it!

I'll post photos tomorrow of the completed bucket! I hope everyone is having a great Monday!