I got up early again this morning and boy am I glad I did! It's been crazy around this place today!

Firstly, it's starting to get cold in here!!!! Today it was 47 degrees at 9:30. Temp INSIDE the house? 53 degrees. BRRR!!!

Secondly, I've decided that I *love* adding pads a little bit each day, it's wayyy easier! I added two more today! I get up each morning and can package the previous days orders with no problem, when I package 20+ orders in one day it pretty much kills an entire morning/afternoon because I'm so slow! LOL! I'll be adding new pads daily to both etsy along with my dot com shop :D I also discovered a new to me post office this week, it's sandwiched between two thrift stores and Joanns is across the street! BEST!

Thirdly, I'm obsessed with not only farmville, but also finding vintage bottle brush trees! Lisa gave me the idea to collect one tree each year, so I'm on the hunt for the perfect little one!

Fourthly...well..there really isn't a fourthly, lol. My morning was spent running errands, visiting the quilt shop where they got some bolts of Nicey Jane! I admittedly wasn't in love with it when I saw the online swatches but seeing it in real life? Gorgeous!!! I'd love to make a sparkling cider quilt from it eventually but for now, I'm making some pads :D Tomorrow I'm starting a quilt for a certain someone.

Also, my website got a freshening up this morning from Jody, thank you! If you leave your feed/reader you can see I now have a button if your interested in custom quilts/quilted gifts! Just click it and it'll pop up my email :)

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! I'm off to work on some mini quilts and try not to freeze! :)