Last night I started to feel pretty sniffle-y. Whenever Mr. McPorkchop & I leave the coast and head inland and then come back to the coast, my sinuses do crazy things. I think they aren't used to humid..then really dry..then humid. I've been trying REALLY hard to not get sick, once my sinuses get infected they'll stay that way for a really long time or until I suck it up, go to the drs and get antibiotics.

So I went to bed early, got ten hours of sleep, woke up and felt pretty crappy. I took some mushroom pills and then a scalding hot shower with eucalyptus oil, rinsed my sinuses with my neti pot and just stayed home and sewed, all while drinking extra pulp-y orange juice and hot water with honey and orange slices. After a few hours I seemed to feel fine so Mr McPorkchop invited me to go to the movies! We attempted to see The Fantastic Mr. Fox. I had grand plans of holding off on taking my daily photo until I could snap a photo of one of our movie stubs. We got there, our movie rewards card got us free popcorn, the movie started...and the sound was TERRIBLE. It sounded like listening to a robot! Everyone left the theater and got tickets for a free show. No big deal, we figured we'd drive two towns over and watch it there...only it's not showing there. BOO!!!! So I might see if Mr. McPorkchop would like to go see Up In The Air tomorrow night! I'll admit, I'm really bummed, you might not know this, but I'm a HUGE Wes Anderson fan...as well as Roald Dahl!!! I love the idea of this movie!!!

Today while I was working my bestfriend & I were google chatting and we've decided to spend New Years together!!! Mr.McPorkchop & I will drive down to the Bay Area to spend the night with her and her bf! We are SO excited! Dinner and then fireworks on the Embarcadero in SF! YAYYYY!!!!

Tonight is a new episode of Bones, which I'm unnaturally excited about! I love Booth and Brennan!

As a side note, I'm starting to work on some mini quilts for sale and I'm curious, if you were to buy a wall hanging, would you want it prewashed or not? I've been debating quilting some complex designs and have thought about sketching them out on the fabric before hand with either my sewline pencil or a clover disappearing ink pen....thoughts?

I hope everyone has had a great Thursday and is staying warm! I had to turn the heat on today!!!