(I love the shake it app for the iPhone! It makes photos so cute!)

Today was fantastic. So fantastic I don't even know where to begin.

  • Organic Handmade Egg Nog ice cream for me, Chocolate Grasshopper with mint Newman O's for Mr. McPorkchop at Arcata Scoop! It was the most charming little place, very modern and cozy all at once. The ice cream was the best I've ever had in my life. And I eat a lot of ice cream. (Clearly! lol!) The egg nog was so spicey and nutmeg-y and cinnamon-y. It was a dream come true. The ending notes were very creamy and pleasant, not too rich.
  • We went to the fair grounds for a big craft faire, it was great! I got some Christmas shopping done and just enjoyed being around some high quality gorgeous stuff!
  • We then visited the zoo and walked around outside in the crisp air! I saw the bear, some snoozing gray foxes, some peccary and I got to pet some donkeys. Pretty fantastic.
  • A quick stop at starbucks, where I promised last night I wouldn't go, but really, the day was too perfect and could only get better with a caramel brulee latte!
  • Then....we got a CHRISTMAS TREE!!! We were hemming and hawing about getting one, our house is VERY tiny and we have NO room, but I'm thinking we can put it at the foot of the bed...best part? IT'S BEING FLOCKED RIGHT NOW!!! YEAH!!!!

I'm taking the entire day off and spending the night relaxing with Mr. McPorkchop. Tomorrow begins the cramming of studying for two weeks of finals, ahhh the joys of studying to be a biologist! I'll be back at work at my sewing machine tomorrow morning :)