Today is kinda a grump day. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. A package I'm anxiously waiting for arrived in Eureka but won't be delivered until Monday. The movies I was so excited to see this weekend aren't playing in the local theaters.

Instead of pissing and moaning, I'll focus on some positive stuff:

  • We are picking up our Christmas tree tonight and visiting Target for tree trimming supplies.
  • Mr. McPorkchop cleaned an area at the foot of the bed to place our tree.
  • I'm organizing my sewing area today.
  • I have 6 yards of fleeces that need to be made into cores this weekend. I'm not too jazzed about that part.
  • I love my sampler but I'm not impressed with how the stitches are, so I'm thinking about doing it my way (aka I love stem and back stitch!)
  • Dinner is in the crock pot and I found an awesome mix of heirloom beans in the freezer, I'm thinking about making a veggie bean soup this week!
  • I treated myself to a pair of applique scissors yesterday.
  • Mr. McPorkchop printed out some Russian Dolls for a project I'm hoping to work on today!
  • I got some vinyl for a project, I might try to see how hard it is to sew today, any sewing with vinyl tips you have would be great!

Given the choice between going back to bed and riding out this bitchy mood or working, I'd normally pick going back to bed, but I'm not adding feeling guilty to the grump mix of today. I think I'll take a hot shower, clean up the living room a bit, maybe listen to some new music and share with you this photo...

of my DREAM CAT!!!!

I love it's color, little grump face and chubby body. If it were mine, I'd name him Parsley DouglasFir McPorkchop the 1st.

...Mr Mc.Porkchop swears I only love him because he looks like my moms cat, Simon.