Yesterday I worked out my grumpy mood. I wasn't nearly as productive as I'd hoped, but I learned a little more about my sewing machine, which is a bonus. I have a mini quilt to bind today, I'll have photos for tomorrow.

We picked up our mini tree, it's sooo cute! I love it something FIERCE! In addition to the flocking they also glittered it, amazzzzing!!! Of course we bought way too many decorations than will fit on this little tree, but thats ok :)

I also got my package that I was waiting for yesterday! YAY!!! So I'm going to pop all this weeks photos to costco to get printed and then I'll December Daily them all tonight and have a recap hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday. I'm REALLY excited about the papers I got yesterday, Hambly Screen Prints had an awesome Cyber Monday sale, 30% off plus free shipping, so I got some stuff I'd been wanting but was out of my budget, like clear thick overlays in wood grain patterns! Sooooo excited!!!!

And I can't stop listening to this!

My best friend Jenny got engaged last night to her boyfriend Matt, I can't even begin to describe how excited I am for them. I love them both to bits and pieces and can't wait to go on double dates with them when we are rocking matching velour leopard print sweatsuits with heels and giant sunglasses in our 70s. It'll be great being the aunt to her kids and she'll be the aunt to my cat babies! YAY!!!!

Also, I have five pads in stock right now on etsy, if you purchase a pad today I'll gladly refund your shipping! So free shipping all day today! I'm hoping to get up extremely early tomorrow and serge cores all day! I'll be adding daily liners, overnights, and 8 inch pads to the shop all week as well!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!