Brrrr! It's mighty chilly here this morning!

And I'm not complaining one bit!

Last night I had a minor kitchen disaster. Let's just say we needed to leave our house for an hour because the smoke was so bad. Eeek. So we got freezing cold milkshakes, Mr. McPorkchop had root beer, I had candy cane. We drove around with the heat blasting and looking at Christmas decorations.

We came home, nestled on the couch and watched White Christmas. I hand sewed the binding on a mini quilt and I have one more to bind tonight, so we also rented a Muppet Christmas Carol. I'll have photos up tomorrow hopefully.

Both etsy & bigcartel are completely sold out, I'm hoping today to get some cores serged and prepped for pads this week, but I'm unsure where to put my serger now that I have the big machine and I can't lift the machine myself because it's at a weird height. And I'm a wimp and don't want to drop it accidentally. Ohoh! And I'm pretttyyyy sure putting a serger on a $9 folding mini table from Target is a bad idea, haha.

I need to head to the post office this morning, I'm semi tempted to throw on some smart wool leggings and jeans and attempt to walk up to Henderson Center. And snap tons of photos along the way. It's supposed to be around 44 degrees today. I do however think that my asthma is aggravated by cold weather, so I'm not sure if I'll do that or not.

I'm planning on making a pea soup in the crock pot today, we have some left over ham from thanksgiving (vacuum sealed and frozen! not just hanging out in the fridge getting yucky, lol!) and I have some really primo local dried peas, I'm just going to kinda make it up because some of the recipes I'm coming across are kinda dodge-y (cream of what??? no thanks!) I'm also planning on making an herb dutch oven bread to go along with it. It's a cozy food kinda day :)

Have a great Monday everyone!!!!