I thought today I'd talk about some quilting stuff I've been working on. As you might know, I got a new sewing machine. This has made sewing for me about 100x easier, not because it's fancy and high tech but because of SPACE. It has a large work space that makes me SO excited to sit and sew. No more struggling with small details!

When I was in college I'd frequently become inspired by an environmental surrounding, seasons, objects found in nature. I'm realizing I'm not even close to being done exploring that theme, be it in painting or in quilting. Everyone has been posting on facebook and twitter about snow, freezing temps, bleakness. I personally find a great beauty in the winter. My tumblr & flickr have been full of winter images. Maybe it's because I'm far away from snow, so I appreciate it more, lol. I needed to create something within that theme this past weekend.

In a lot my drawings, paintings and prints, I put the focal point in the bottom right/left hand corner. I always have. Chances are I always will. I find it creates a comfortable clean tension with negative space that I can't wait to fill with little circles. I love little circles. I don't think they mean anything, I just genuinely enjoy their presence. Pebble quilting is something I am extremely in love with.

It seems to make sense that I should be able to take the things I enjoyed creating in fine art and apply them to quilting. I'm working on some mini quilts that take the things I enjoyed about painting and printmaking and applying them to fabric. It works, both are a 2D medium!!!!

I'm looking forward to sharing more of these with you as I work on them. Drawing with thread via quilting is very satisfying.

It makes me feel like the thousands of dollars in student loan debt is worth it.

....almost. lol.