Imagine me, sewing along, having a grand old day, then going for an amazing walk with Mr. McPorkchop.

Then imagine me sitting down to keep sewing and suddenly, my sewing machine acting strange.

Now I clean my machine, rethread, change needle, keep going, everything is ok for 5 minutes, then...the needle isn't holding tension. At all. The top thread is completely slack!!!! I've adjusted the tension knob multiple times...nothing :( I'm kinda scared to mess with the bobbin >:(

I'm sort of at a loss of what to do right now! It's just odd that it will work ok for a few minutes, then get wonky!!!

I'm going to bring it to the machine place tomorrow, hopefully they'll have a quick fix. I've already had to push back my update once! I don't want to do it twice!!!! OF course, right before Christmas when I *just* got a new set of Christmas fat quarters and I'm dying to sew!!!