{*Best Day*}

{my new friend...a gift from Mr. McPorkchop, I'm wearing him as a brooch}

Today was one of those days where I just woke up feeling *good*!!!!

First, a *huge* thank you to everyone who purchased pads from me last night! There's still two cute little ones in stock!!! As orders were coming in, I was packaging them up and getting them ready for the post office today! One extremely sweet customer bought both sets of large wipes and I couldn't decide how to package them and my friend Sarah  (look at her ornaments! amazing!) suggested larger sized brown grocery bags! I had one left from a Trader Joe's visit that I hadn't recycled yet, so cute! It worked out really well! For my shop, I wrap my pads in little brown sandwich sacks and tie them with pastry twine, so ecofriendly!!!

Porkchop & I slept in a little bit, only till about 9 am. We had grand plans of buying and flocking a small Christmas tree. This is a very big deal around here for a multitude of reasons!!!!

We made a little space for the tree, in front of my craft shelf and next to our bikes. I had an old snowman Martha Stewart pillow case that I cut and put on the floor as our tree landing.

We found the perfect tree! It's small, only about 4 feet, its a fraiser fir! We wanted flocking, but couldn't find any :( But I'm ok with no flocking, everytime I touch the tree it releases the most amazing smell ever!!! This is the second real tree I've ever had before in my life!!!!


Haha!! Isn't it cute and wonky?!?! We've put little multicolored lights on it and I've started making decorations for it!!! I love it *so* much!!! We danced and decorated it together, so this is our "before" shot, hopefully Monday I'll finish the decorations for it and show you what we've created!

So while we were listening and dancing to Christmas music on pandora I made up some bacon wrapped filet mingons! YUM!!! I made an amazing sauce of melted blue cheese and crimini mushrooms! My BFF Aric came over for dinner and we decided to walk down to Arts Alive here in Eureka, CA. It's a really neat night once a month where art shows open and everyone drinks wine and walks around and looks at art! I've had a solo show up in a local boutique called Ali Rose in Old Town for about a year now, I did a series watercolors depicting designer goods that totally goes hand and hand with the upscale clothing they sell, I framed them in these gorgeous gilded silver frames as well... Aric suggested we go walk down and see how the show was doing,  I was laughing because I didn't think anything new had happened, assuming that the owner would have called me. Low and behold earlier in the week someone from San Francisco had bought my Marc Jacobs Stam painting!!!! AWESOME!!! I am *so excited*!!!! The owner asked if I'd paint more paintings, unfortunately the frames were extremely expensive, but I'm thinking about maybe painting a few more :)

 We visited a few shows, I get nervous in crowded, tight spaces, so we wandered up to Starbucks, were Mr. McPorkchop treated me to an iced peppermint mocha and we sat outside and took photos and just chatted. One thing I adore about our house is its in walking distance to so much. The fog was starting to get thick, so we walked back home and played some wii!


That's my favorite store front we walked by!!! Isn't it festive and amazing?!!?

Okok! I'm off to work on more ornaments and work on a new little side project! Thanks again for everyone who's been stopping by and reading lately :):)