{*Maine Morning Mitts


Hi everyone!!!

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Today is a busy, but slow day. I'm really, really, really feeling under the weather today, boo!!! I'm updating my shop @5pm PST today! It's going to be a very, very, very small update this time around, but the pads are so pretty, in addition to the pads I'll have two larger sized 8x8 inch cloth wipes and a wet bag! Yay!!!

I'm going to definitely take it easy today! Last night Mr. McPorkchop & I were able to find a small Christmas tree stand, so tomorrow depending on how I feel, we will be getting a tiny tree! YAY!!! I'm planning on making all the ornaments myself this week, as that is a good couch project! I might even work on some pads for MapleMade!!! Who knows! The weekend is filled with possibilies that are hinging on my stupid stomach!

BUT!!! Thats not what today is about!

Today is about:

Maine Morning Mitts

aka my most favorite knitting pattern ever. EVER!

I've been knitting these like they've been going out of style! I'm working on my 3rd and 4th pairs right now!!!! I never make things twice, so this is kinda a big deal around here!

I made a pair for Mr. McPorkchop!


There he is! Being a great hand model! Hahaha!!!

The only thing I've changed is I'm knitting these on size 6 needles, it makes them more snug and warm and cozy, plus we both have narrow hands and wrists! His pair is knit from Brown Sheep Worsted, I can't find the tag, but you can see it stripes! His pair starts two inches below his wrist bone and end before his knuckles!

Here's a photo of my pair!


(I painting my nails with gold glitter. Yup. That's how festive I am!)

Don't you just want to squish your face in that ribbing?! It's SO plush and cozy!!!! These are knit from malabrigo, velvet grapes is the color. Malabrigo is my all time favorite yarn. Seriously. I cleaned off my yarn shelf a few days ago and I'm debating de-stashing a bunch of my yarn that I'm not using so I can buy more malabrigo because I know I'll knit with it!!! I stupidly bought a bunch of lace weight malabrigo for a cardigan, but I can't even begin to knit with such a fine yarn! I'm not patient enough!



(Pardon the lint, they were in my purse ;))

Mine are longer and go further up my hands because I'll admit it, I hate turning on the heat and sometimes I wear these while sewing. Yup. I'm crazy!!!

So the nice thing about cleaning my yarn stash?

I found some malabrigo, my last skein, that I bought last Valentines Day!!!! I about DIED when I found it, so I caked it and guess what I cast on for?!


These are going to be longer and I'm calling them my Valentines Day Mitts, because I *love* Valentines Day, I love all the pink and red and lace and silliness of the whole event its a great burst of color during a blah winter!!! I'm also liking the pink because they'll be nice when I'm snowshoeing next month since I'm boring in head to toe black snow gear!!! I also have another pair on the needles, but those are a Christmas gift, so I can't show you them!


Aren't they GREAT?!?! Look at those little wonky stitches!!! Every time I look at them I just *grin*! Don't you love projects like that?!?!

Ok, I feel like I need to make a list of things to convince you further:

  1. You need to knit these because they are fast and would make amazing Christmas gifts! You can change them to suit your reciepient, like Porkchop wanted his shorter, I like mine longer, etc!
  2. They can be changed completely with your yarn choice, Porkchops came out manly and guy like, but mine are girly and fun, the pattern suggests Noro, which would look amazing as well! This is a good pattern to showcase different yarns!
  3. You'll wear them more than you think. At first I wasn't sold on the fingerless glove idea, but since these are ribbed, they stay in place nicely and are perfect for going out and about because you still have free fingers!!! I like that I can wear them in stores and still grab my car keys and hand the cashier money, because with mittens...thats just ackward. Haha :)
  4. The pattern is super well written. It's really really easy and anyone who can knit, purl and work simple increase and decreases could easily tackle these. At the top of the pattern theres even explinations of the decrease/increase methods!
  5. These work really well on short double pointed needles, making them great for car knitting and small couch knitting while cuddling, so you don't have to worry about poking out someones eye with your needle! Sometimes I poke myself (and Porkchop) with the longer ones, but since theres only 12,12 & 9 stitches on each needle, this is a good pattern to try the short needles with!

And here's my list why you should love malabrigo yarn too:
(I'm pushy today, haha)

  1. It's SOFT!
  2. It's fun to watch it change colors with you knit!
  3. Some people think it pills too much, but I like its fuzzyness and so far nothing I've knit with it has pilled too much!
  4. The plushness of it! It creates such cozy things!
  5. THE COLORS!!! Ok! I know, twice in one list, but whatever, I LOVE THE COLORS!!!


See! That's how much I love it! I even fashioned a terrible little string heart, so you can fall in love with it too..hahaa!!!!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!!!