{*Let's Eat!*}


Sometimes I crave certain tastes so so so much that if I don't cook them that very instant, I'm going to fall over and never be able to get up again!

Ok. Maybe that's a little extreme.


But lately I've been craving farfalle, broccoli, criminis, pesto, pinole nuts and freshly grated parmesan cheese SO MUCH! So last night I whipped together a little something-something for dinner, knowing I'd have enough left for lunch today! Awesome!

Then after eating that, of course, carbs were heavy on my brain...so I started searching through google reader...

Do you use google reader? We should be google reader friends, I'm frenchtoastcakeATgmailDOTcom


My new favorite thing is to subscribe to cooking blogs and then around dinner time, I type in a word or two in the search feature in google reader, so last night I did "chocolate" and "cookies" and all sorts of neat things will pop up!

And guess what popped up?


Smitten Kitchens Chocolate Toffee Cookies!

Mr. McPorkchop & I ran out to the store at 9 pm and I had these babies in the oven and I was in heaven around 11 pm!

These are *phenom*!!! I ended up refridgerating half of the dough overnight and woke up early this morning to bake more! I dusted the tops of them with coarse kosher salt, OMNOMNOM!!!! Waking up early in the morning and baking cookies is truly amazing!

It was my first experience using a double boiler to melt chocolate, I cheated and used a metal bowl and a dutch oven, but it worked beautifully. Thankfully, my mom is an insanely amazing chef and gave me a pep talk before I tried it, mainly it was filled with "DON'T GET WATER IN THE CHOCOLATE OR IT'LL SEIZE!"

I read a lot of the reviews on the epicurious website, some people felt it spread too much or had problems with it being too liquid-y, I think you *really* need to follow the directions, especially the part of mixing the sugar and eggs until they are thick and chilling it for at least 45 minutes! Mine spread, but not too badly, they are perfectly crisp and chewy all at once, plus salty and sweet, my all time favorite combo!

Unfortunately that late at night I couldn't find any soy lecithin free toffee, so I'm limiting myself to one cookie a day, which let me tell you, is hard ;)

I hope your having a fantastic Thursday, I'm trying my darndest to get a ton of sewing done today, however, its going slow, so my update tomorrow may be a very small one :)

Have an awesome day!