{*Trims & Trinkets*}




*~Happy Wednesday~*

I got up bright and early...well kinda...here in Eureka its never really *bright*! I worked out with wii fit, did my favorite boxing and beat my previous score! I love wii fit! Then I took a super hot shower and sat down to sew with some Trader Joe's gingerbread coffee only to realize...


I just can't focus! So I started cleaning and picking things up when I remembered that my mom had given me an awesome gift for Thanksgiving...this neat little pumpkin shaped creuset! I have an entire set of creusets, I'm extremely blessed in that aspect, but unfortunately, I've destroyed my kitchen cabinets with their weight, but thats a different story for a different time ;) So anyways! I grabbed all my ribbon and trim thats just been floating around my work space and rolled it up and stuck it in this little pumpkin! I love it! It's the brightest, warmest, most cheerful color and now its perched happily on my desk!

I'm worried that I'm starting to get a cold, so I think I'm going to take it easy this afternoon, I did serge 15 9.5 inch cores this morning, serged 5 more wetbags, just finished up another pad, I want to take it easy, but realistically I never take it easy, haha!!!

So here's my question for you friends!!! How do you store you yarns and trims? I think I might clear off  a shelf and wind all my yarn into cakes, clean out my magazines, etc and would love to hear some ideas!!!!

Have an *amazing* Wednesday!!