Phew!!!! I went an entire WEEK without internet, blogging, email, etc.

AND IT WAS AMAZINGGGGGG!!!! I found myself getting a *ton* done! Granted, I was on vacation, so it was small things, two pairs of Maine Morning Mitts, a little needle book, some embroidery, lots of sketches and a business card holder! Yay!!!

Filckr is being kinda dumb right now, so I can't update :( BOO!!!

BUT! Instead! I'll share a ton of photos!


I met a bunny!!! My best friend Jenny owns him! His name is Buster! I want a bunny SO badly!!!


I've been knitting Maine Morning Mitts like it's been going out of STYLE! I love love love them! These are Lambs Pride Worsted! I bought two skeins at Websters in Ashland Oregon! While I was there, I got to talk to one of the women who works there and apparently its a really, really popular pattern and they'd just taught a class using it! Awesome!!!! Those brown ones are for Mr. McPorkchop, at some point this week I'll take a photo of them on. I also made a pair for myself in Malabrigo. I'm planning on making Mr. McPorkchop's dad a pair in Cascade for Christmas! Oh and can I also talk about how much I adore *short* double points?! They make knitting in the car so much easier!!!


Mr.McPorkchops family deep fried a turkey! I only had a tiny piece, as it was fried in a blend of oils including soy & peanut and I'm *lucky* (sarcasm) enough to be allergic to BOTH. We deep fried it in his families gorgeous orchard, I think they are all olive trees! It was a fun holiday! The next day we drove to Reno and visited Cabela's and some little shops in Grass Valley!


The weather was *GORGEOUS* during vacation! It was warm and cozy every day! I loved it!!! It was a little chilly in Ashland though! Isn't that orchard so pretty? His families home is stunning!


Ashland was simply amazing!!! We stayed at the Mt. Ashland Inn and it was just fantastic! It's a few miles down the road from the ski resort, so I'm hoping during Christmas they'll get some snow and we'll snowshoe the Pacific Crest Trail! The inn was simply gorgeous! They had a fanastic pup named Powder who loves to bring people on walks and chew sticks, I took so many cute photos of him! We had the most amazing hot tub in our room, it felt so nice to take a long soak and look out over the mountains!

We had a laughable experience at Callahan's, the food wasn't bad at all, although they gave me the wrong dessert..to go :(, but unfortunately the service was bad and our fellow diners were extremely rude, it wouldn't have been so bad but there was someone walking around, chatting up the customers and when she got to our table, apparently because we are "young", we got an extremely rude brush off, which was kinda a let down because the lodge looked *beautiful* and like a place that we'd love to spend a few nights at! Oh well! Mt. Ashland Inn it is! The inns owners were so lovely and kind, they had this great book about how the inn was built and all sorts of magazine clippings about it, it was neat seeing how the inn had been built and grown!

I also visited Prize, I wanted to take a few snapshots to show you how beautifully curated the shop is, but they don't allow photos, so instead, I'll share with you a cardinal ornament I bought!


Isn't it *cute!!!* I love it!

 I got to visit Green Tangerines!!! I ended up going the day before Thanksgiving on a total whim and accidently left my camera at home, but if you are ever, EVER in the area (Rocklin, CA) you gotta stop by! It's another shop thats well curated. I have a love/hate relationship with supply stores, sometimes they are so poorly set up that you just become overwhelmed and uninspired, but NOT this place! Everything was laid out *perfectly*, each little nook had cordinating papers, trinkets and trims, it was just amazing! I somehow managed to stay on budget in there, but believe me, it was difficult! They even had the coolest huge rooms for classes, I'm hoping during Christmas I'll be able to take a class! I normally don't gush about stores, but this place totally had me jazzed! Everyone who works there seemed really really friendly and extremely helpful. I love good customer service more than anything! One more thing that made me happy? They are across the street from Sportsman's Wearhouse, for Mr. McPorkchop & his dad were able to do guy stuff, while I spent time walking around being inspired, awesome! We finished off that afternoon with a trip to Lucille's BBQ which was really really good! I need to take some photos of the book I'm working on too!


So now I've been busily working for the past two days, getting back into my schedule! I'm going to be updating Etsy on Friday, I've also destashed a set of Christmas fabric and I still even have one pad in stock! I need to run out tonight for more printer ink and gocco bulbs.

I'm super far behind on etsy convos, googlereader, blogs, commenting, emails, everything, so bear with me :) I hope everyone had a simply *amazing* vacation!!! Hopefully I'll have more stuff to show you later on in the week :):):)

Have a fantastic Tuesday!