Keeping it short and sweet today. Migraine is taking the wind out of my sails and medicine is making my stomach feel raw.

I'm building a mini quilt in a dark room. Cutting circles and applique. Building the first snow ball fight of the winter on fabric. Aqua, red, pink with bits of green and white.

I've used an entire 5 lb bag of flour this week. I've learned the tricks of using yeast in a humid cold drafty house. Yesterday a giant batch of cinnamon rolls were made. Half for now, half for later. Tonight is homemade pizza. Mine with baby greens, egg, mushrooms, tomatoes, and whatever veggies catch my eye at the co-op. His with meat. Lots of meat.

Tonight I'll be quietly sewing, letting my mind drift. Making some snowflakes and pebbles. Enjoying a whole wheat, yeast-y, cornmeal-y pizza crust. With hot peppermint tea.