Picture 3

I missed blogging and posting my photo yesterday. But I had a good reason. I had to get an eye appointment ASAP. I've been having migraines and a black spot in my right eye. Well it got worse yesterday. Of course everyone is trying to use their insurance right now so finding an appointment was tricky. Turns out I have a piece of eye tissue that is loose and causing migraines. It's apparently very common and will go away on its own. Great! I hate having my pupils dilated more than anything. I laid on the couch with my eyes shut all night instead of quilting. BORING!

I did sneak in a quick trip to an antique store while buying some fabric for a quilt binding and picked up this very tiny box of ornaments! Each ornament is only the size of my pinkie nail! So charming!

This morning I decided to use up some various stuff in our fridge, as we will be going out of town for a month on Thursday and I want to have the fridge empty. So I baked some eggs on a bed of tomato basil feta sauce. It's my first time using my ramekins and my first time baking eggs. I officially will never ever make eggs another way again! They came out amazing. Very flavorful and perfect for scooping onto toast! I like very runny eggs, Eric does not. At all. So I baked his way longer and it was like a little well done egg on some tomatoes, he liked it, lol.