I freaking LOVE TODAY!!!!!!

I've done a ton of stuff and had a gingersnap latte to go with it! PERFECT! It's also slightly overcast and cozy in here, although I need wool socks and I'm too cozy to get up and get them!

Can I just tell you how much I love Purl Soho? There was a tiny mistake in my order, I emailed them, they got RIGHT back to me, are shipping me the correct fabric and let me keep the incorrect fabric! Freaking AWESOME! It totally doesn't surprise me that they are as popular as they are! Once I get good customer service, I'm a customer for LIFE! I can't handle spending money at places that could care less if I buy from them or not!

OK! SO! You'll notice I added some stuff to my sidebar, some cloth menstrual pad photos and my new art kit photos! Want to see what I made today?


I made a pouch for my Polaroid Pogo!!!!! I freaking LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! It's the neatest little printer EVER, so of course, it needed a pouch!


So this is my second attempt at anything with BATTING! I used warm and natural and it went well. Except I decided to get all FANCY. I took off my presser foot, lowered my feed dogs and used some odd feature on my Pfaff that claims to keep tension when you free motion quilt, although I somehow forgot that I actually have a quilting foot, but whatever.

I made circles. I have a thing for circles. I love love them! I also love this fabric! Both fabrics are from Cicada Studio which I super love, I had originally bought a lot of her fabrics with the intention of making pads, only to realize the fabrics aren't suitable for projects that require frequent laundering, oops, so needless to say, not pad fabric, but either way  the fox fabric has my name on it!!!! Super, SUPER, SUPERRR cute stuff from her etsy shop!!!!

ANYWAYS! So I quilted little circles to the fabrics, then simply serged them together using chain chomp! I'm going to put a snap on it when Mr. McPorkchop gets home! And that cute loop? Yeah!! I love love love it, its from Retrosaria!!!! I got a bunch of ribbon yesterday in the mail, so I'll leave you with a photo of that prettyness!