{*Monday Again?!*}


Seriously? It's Monday? November 17th? Are you sure?

l guess thats what happens when suddenly your on your own schedule! Suddenly days fly by with lightening speed!

So many fantastic and exciting things have happened and I want to share them all but I have no idea where to begin!

FIRST! A big huge hug and a huge thank you to Karen! Karen is the amazing writer who interviewed me a few days ago, she's seriously fantastic! She has completely inspired me to start embroidering again in fact! I even went and bought this little pattern!

ANYWAYS! Back to Karen! She has an amazing blog, called memyselfandkai and she posted a super great interview with me! I was debating copying and pasting it here, but I really want you guys to meet her! She's great! Seriously sweet, sweet person!!!

The odd thing about being on your own schedule is time. I'm always running out of it. No matter how much time I have, its never, ever enough. This weekend I made 14 pads and I still worry its not enough! I got 22!!! new fabrics from Purl this afternoon, which made me so so so happy! I spent an hour serging all of them so when I wash them tomorrow they won't unravel. I just want you all to come over so I can show you them and so you can hear the plans I have for them!

I've also kinda gotten into scrapbooking. I'm kinda meh about that term, I really love paper and building things, so maybe they are more books I've built, rather than scrapbooks, for example, I'm INSANELY inspired by this post, maybe I just have an old ladies idea of scrapbooking? EITHER WAY! I bought a bunch of the new life at the pole papers and I seriously want to poke my eyes out and die from the cute AND!! scrapbooking stuff (at least for me) is very budget friendly, hello $1 for paper, I can spend $10 and get a ton of great stuff and not feel guilty!!! SWEETTTTTT!!!! Granted, I don't have the paper yet, they are being shipped to Mr.McPorkchops dads becauseeeee


HOLY MOLY!!!! I got an early Christmas gift from Mr. McPorkchop, its called a Polaroid PoGo! It prints via bluetooth, which is super neat and makes the CUTEST prints EVER! EVER!!!! So I'm leaving my laptop home, my sewing machine home and instead I'm arming myself with my moleskine, my favorite pens my camera and a whole slew of paper and embroidery thread for the week! We are staying a freaking LODGE in the middle of a MOUNTAIN that is kinda sorta part of the CUTEST TOWN EVER!

We are spending the night in Ashland Oregon, its going to be AMAZING! We've booked a room at the Mt. Ashland Inn! I'm planning on hitting up Prize and Web sters!!! Yarn & TRINKETS!!! EEE!!!! Can anyone suggest a great place to eat in Ashland? I don't know how to publish and reply back to comments yet, but I'd appreciate any suggestions on places to eat :):):)

The idea of having a week off is incredible to me. I'm thinking by the time I get home I'll be itching to sew! That means this week I'm going to bust my buttom to get the shop fully stocked for Friday!

Oh! You know what else I'm looking forward too? Wednesday! Because I'm determined to get a hand made pine cone!!!! Seriously!!! I also like how firm she is with her site, its direct and to the point, I'd be willing to bet she doesn't get grumpy messages from people!!!! >:)

discovered and bought my first glue gun
of course I bought GLITTER GLUE STICKS
cleaned out my makeup stash and had enough money to make a double payment on my credit card
discovered the greatest $8 tank tops at Target
read Martha Stewarts Christmas issue from front to back. 6 times. easily.
lusted after these but refuse to break my budget over them!
been making plans to visit Green Tangerines

okok! Off to make my nightly list of things to accomplish tomorrow!

Have a great Tuesday!