{*~Good Evening~*}


holy smokes! I can't believe its already Wednesday! Where on earth is time flying too???? I'm leaving for Ashland & Thanksgiving in 11 DAYS!!!! EEE!!! I can't WAIT!!!! I hope it snows, hahaha.

I'm currently taking a sick day. I've already slept on the couch for a good 15 minutes. And read half a book. And chatted with my post man. And mailed off packages. And responded to etsy convos.

Ahh, etsy convos. Etsy convos both bring joy and sadness into my days, hahaha! Some are fantastic like "I love your pads, you are great!", others are normal "Do you take custom orders" (no!), others are QUITE rude "Please stop making buttons and focus on more pads to make buying less stressful please" (what do I even SAY to that). I'm not really sure what it is about people, I think sometimes we are online so much that we become detached from the fact that there is actually a living! breathing! person on the other side of our message and we should be polite and kind to each other!

I did get TWO!!! requests for buttons today, YEAH! How fun is THAT? I totally wasn't even expecting it!!!

Button making is so so so fun to me, its very relaxing and stress reducing all at once, its quick and your thumbs hurt afterwards, but its GREAT!:
cutting fabric in a circle: relaxing
pushing fabric in the button mold: stress reducing
popping the finished button out: relaxing AND joyous!!!!

Last night, after coming home from watching the Elk shake rain off themselves, turn into fluff balls and rub off their velvet, I sank into the couch with some AMAZING alpaca from Mr. McPorkchop! I'm working on something called a Fidget which has been perfect, its interesting enough to keep me entertained, was fast enough to keep me satisfied (just needs four more rows and its ready to be blocked) and is cute enough that I'll wear it constantly, plus of course, it was gift yarn from Mr. McPorkchop. I'm already trying to decide what sort of buttons I'll put on it! And I'm trying to determine the best way to block this, I don't think I've ever blocked alpaca before!.

This morning started really really productive, wipe sets were cut out with my NEW rotary blade (seriously, change your blades! often!), cores were serged and drawings were being finalized for spoonflower and I decided, ok! I'm done! I have cramps! I'm taking a day off. And crashed. On the floor. Then realized I was laying next to a pin and thought the couch would be a better idea. So I grabbed my favorite blankets and heating pad and relaxed. I also had a craving for a hamburger, but that wish might be fullfilled this evening at Lost Coast Brewery

I got some fantastic mail today, lots of magazines, catalogs and a POUND OF CEDAR CHIPS!!!! So then I dragged my butt off the couch and into the kitchen where I became a bit of a scentologist and began the workings of my next project, which will hopefully be in the shop by next Sunday! Bwuahaha! I love secrets!!!!

Ok, so does anyone else wish you could just get Etsy gift certificates for Christmas? I swear, I keep adding more and more stuff I love to my hearts! I think I might just send an email to my mom and porkchop and say HERE! I LOVE THIS PRINT! AND THIS TRINKET! Thats all I want. Porkchop & I are making each other gifts this year and I'm working on something for my mom and fabric that I bought for a gift for Porkchops dad came today...geez. I need to get gift making!!! I am currently lusting after some gorgeous Japanese fabrics that were just posted Retrosaria. I'd love to buy them, but I *just* bought ribbon from her last week and it feels silly to order again when that hasn't arrived yet, haha! But that fabric...gorgeous!!!

Suddenly I'm falling asleep at the computer!

Have a fantastic Wednesday!!!