Yay for Buttons


Yay for buttons!!!! I've had the worst cramps all day, but of course, I can't sit still and take a day off, its just not in my nature! So I wrote out more etsy listings and sat down to cover buttons! Who doesn't love a cute covered button? There's still some in my shop! Earlier I realized I set the shipping up wrong, but now its ok :)

While people were shopping, I went out to pizza with Mr. McPorkchop, Aric & Ash, it was fantastic! We finished the night with a little Starbucks and wii! I ended up packaging all my US orders, but I don't know if we have mail service tomorrow? Either way, orders are all set and ready to be mailed! I love packaging, its my favorite part of the job, I recently got metallic pastry twine that I wrap the packages with, as well as some deco tape, awesome! I love getting pretty packages in the mail and I assume others do as well!

This week is going to be SO hectic but rewarding! Tomorrow is laundry day! I got my new sugar snap fabric in the mail and I used up almost all my washed organic fleece so I need to pre-shrink all that. Usually laundry day is also car drive with Mr. McPorkchop, so that should be fun! Then I'm going to come home and start serging! I'm going to serge 7, 10, 11 and 12 inch cores for pads! I'll also start cutting a new 8x8 inch wipe size! CAN'T WAIT! I'm SO excited for that! Hopefully I'll get my pound of cedar in the mail this week so I can start working on that project! As much as I LOVE sewing pads, sometimes I need little small projects to work on at the same time so I can stay happy and creative! 

I got a bunch of new magazines in the mail today, plus a new one from Borders! One of my goals on a day off is to go through all my magazines and make an inspiration book! I think the only ones I won't cut up will be Martha and Domino. I think I might share my favorite parts of the new magazines this week! Mr. McPorkchop also bought me a new book, I like a certain author who writes romance novels, but also writes under a pen name some romance-y crime novels, its total smut and terrible, but completely entertains me for a few hours, I keep trying to pace myself, other wise I'll read it all in one sitting!

Ok! It's late-ish! I need to get up early early early!!!!

Have a fantastic evening and I hope you had a nice Monday!!!