This has been a whirl wind weekend! One of those times when you feel like you've accomplished everything. and nothing. ALL AT ONCE!

I ended up making 45 cloth multipurpose wipes. 45! 6x6 inch squares! Of SO MANY amazing fabrics! They'll be available on Etsy tomorrow night at 5 PM PST. I had originally wanted to update tonight, but I'm simply beat!

I made a really neat thing today, I'm honestly not even sure what to call it! Scrapbook? Assemblage? Art? Trinket? Ode to a Season? I've been really really into scrapbook stuff, not actually scrapbooking, but just the supplies and reading scrapbooking blogs. I've been making a little 4x6 card everyday documenting the year, some of them I post to flickr, some are too personal and I don't. Well today I used some coupons at Michaels and got some FANTASTIC Martha Stewart Christmas stuff!!!! AND! It was 30% off! AWESOME!!!! So then I started realizing I have all this awesome stuff, but was feeling really limited by a 4x6 space, sooooo then I remebered that I had an Ampersand Gessobord that I had watercolored on and wasn't jazzed about it and a new creation was born. You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see it! I got to use some Mr. Campy wood grained paper, some glitter card stock, a deer sticker..its truly...erm..unique.

I did have a small incident this evening however that has left me a little grumpy. I've designed a winter themed card, all is going well, I can feel my micron slowly dying, but I plug on, happy as a clam, drawing snow circles (I don't do flakes) and snow diamonds (because snow sparkles!) and I put in on my little blue gocco, expose the screen, coat the screen with the very last of my white ink image. Well, wait, thats a lie, I think I got one tiny little snow bubble. Apparently gocco REALLY likes carbon and if you don't give it 100% of your carbon-y best, nope. No pretty image. Now I'm out of bulbs and ink! BOO! Thankfully theres a shop downtown that sells both and might be my next bike ride. Next door is a boutique that I have some paintings hanging in and I should maybe pop in and say HELLO!

I spent the evening last night cleaning up my sewing nook. I hung some tinsel, some fake snowflakes, some garland, I'm getting all jazzed up for winter. However, I'm a giant cheap skate and I've been romping around the house in smartwool leggings, my favorite reindeer red and white j.crew socks from like 3 winters ago, flannel pants, two tank tops, a teeshirt and a long sleeved teeshirt. I just can't justify turning on the heat. Mr. McPorkchop and I live in a house...kinda, its basically a studio but a stand alone structure, two rooms, our bathroom and shower are actually IN our bedroom, and then a front room, the front room is fantastic, its alllll windows, BUT, the building was built in 1920 and still has some of the original windows and the HEATER. OH boy. It's directly in front of the front door! So even when its on, you never feel it!!! So instead, I layer. I'm a fan of layering. ANYWAYS! So I'm re-organizing my sewing nook, I realized I have over 200 spools of thread. I have two thread racks that are filled and an entire drawer filled with backups. I think I own every color gutermann makes! I'm like a kid in a candy store when thread goes on sale at JoAnns! I just got a new sewing machine, which I love and its why I started to clean up, I only have like, 12 bobbins for it and I realized I accidently threw one away in a tangled thread mess, so cleaning simply had to happen in order for progress to be made. Bobbins for my machine can't be thrown away, my last machine the bobbins were $0.15, my new machine? $1.15 each. BOO! They are fancy Pfaff only and are blue and apparently speak to the machine in some language of weirdness to let me know BOBBIN IS GOING LOW! BEEP! BOBBIN IS GOING LOW! Mr. McPorkchop and I are going on vacation in a few weeks and spending a night in Ashland, OR and thankfully, in Medford theres a Pfaff dealer, so I'm stocking up on bobbins!

I'm rambling! It's time to curl up on the couch with a new book, my heating pad and my Mr. McPorkchop! I can't figure out how to post comments you've left or reply to them, so...erm... thanks everyone for your comments!!!!

Have a nice Sunday night!!!

P.S. I almost forgot! Are there any Nintendo fans out there? I named my serger this weekend!!! His name is now Chain Chomp!!!!! Bwuahahahahahahahaah!!!