Phew! What an insanely long long long day! I got so much accomplished, but now I'm BEAT!

  • Got up @ 6am
  • Attempted to decorate the kitchen for winter, only to almost fall off a chair because the swag I was hanging was wayyyyyy too heavy, I'll be switching it out for tinsel.
  • Moved over to sewing nook and added snowflake garland!
  • Packaged up international orders
  • Balanced checkbook (boo to budgets!!! BOO!!!!)
  • Made 90 lists, ok, maybe not 90. I'm a list maker. I have an entire moleskine dedicated to daily lists.
  • Replied back to Etsy convos, starred things on googlereader, made a list of emails that I need to reply to tomorrow morning.
  • Worked on more cloth wipes! These are SO addictive to make! Tomorrow I'm buying a new size quilting square so I can go one size larger! YEEEHAW!
  • Had to return my keys to school and take my stuff out of printmaking. I really really wish school could have worked out for me, but its totally the wrong time in my life and I've been in school for 8 years now. I'm just done and want to spend time just being me and building stuff! I have been dreading this day all week, so of course, my stomach was flaring.
  • Had lunch with Porkchop & my two BFFS, Lizzie & Aric. Seriously, just one afternoon with them, eating lunch and listening to Van Halen @APD makes everything better
  • Went to the post office, mailed out intl. orders, bought...NUTCRACKER STAMPS! AMAZING!
  • Did laundry!
  • Came home and worked on more wipes
  • Answered more Etsy convos
  • Bought a lb of cedar chips off Etsy, plus some Sugar Snap!!! I can't WAIT to make pads from that!
  • I got all jazzed to go to JoAnns tonight, my friend Christin gave me an awesome email coupon and I was planning on buying thread, linen and rotary blades. I got all the way there and realized the sale doesn't start until tomorrow! EEP! So I'll ride my bike there in the am before all the crazies get there. I've learned riding my bike is helping with my budget, I can only cram so much stuff in my basket ;)


Now I'm cutting more wipes. I feel bad but I'm not going to be updating very many pads on Sunday. Right now its painful to sit very long, so wipes are kinda faster and easier to fix if I make a mistake. Have you ever tried to seam rip fancy machine embroidery out? Let me tell you, its NOT fun!!!!

After I cut more tonight I might gocco my Christmas cards! I don't know why but I'm so intimidated by making cards and putting that part of myself out there. With pads, its easy, if no one buys them, its ok, but thankfully I've been really really lucky to be successful, but if prints/cards/paintings don't sell, I feel like it would hurt me more since I've spent the last 8 years sucked into the art world. But then again, I did drop out of school to have the freedom to create whatever makes me happy, so I just need to gather a little more courage and bite the bullet, even if others don't like them, I'm sure I'll be jazzed by them!

I also sat down for an hour today and sketched out an idea for a tattoo that I'd like on my forearm. I think once I have my forearm done I'll have a full sleeve, but then again, I'm not sure how to handle the elbow area, so maybe my arm will be really big tattoos and not a sleeve..haha!!! It's going to be sewing/knitting/painting/creating related and I'm going to get the Shooter Jennings lyric "It Ain't Easy" in beautiful old script. I adore Shooter and met him this summer, which was magical and hilarious! It's kinda my motto in life right now, it ain't easy, but we all get by somehow. It also is an amazing song about his dad and it's really helped me cope with losing my dad.

Ok! off to finish cutting and ironing! Have a fantastic Friday!!!!