2-3 pm kills me!


Around 2-3 pm each day I start to feel so so so sleepy. I could just fall right over and nap this very second! I'm honestly not sure why, hormones? case of the sleepies? not resting well at night? pushing myself too hard? Who knows! But around 5-6, I perk back up, ready to build more stuff!

It's hard being your own boss, on one hand there's this great freedom, I could go for a bike ride whatever I'd like, but on the other hand, I need to be able to you know..eat, haha. So it's this balance that I'm still trying to work out, when its ok to take it easy and when its ok to push myself. I realize some days that I don't even eat any food until around 5:30-6! That's not good! So today I made myself a giant salad, spinach chicken, cranberries, feta, walnuts, dried pumpkin seeds, spinach and organic baby micro greens, all with larrupin sauce, YUM! I expected I'd have energy, but nope, its the same 2-3 pm slump!

HOWEVER! I recently gave up caffeine. I get anxious and nervous really easy and sometimes after I have a soda, I can't calm down, so out with caffeine, BUT! BACK ON TRACK! If I wanted caffeine again, I'll admit it, I adore starbucks and I'd be using the starbucks gold card to get treats! It's so so so tempting, theres an amazing starbucks here in Eureka, its in biking distance from my house, it has a charming fireplace and its just so cozy. Most people here don't do anything corporate, so its nice to go to an empty starbucks with a book and just read and relax...with a peppermint mocha. I just adore peppermint mochas and rumor has it, the new red cups are out. I just adore the red cups too. Sucker for packaging? Yup! Thats me! Right here! ::waves hands wildly:: Not ashamed of it!

This is my second week of being my own boss and not being a student. It's been a pretty neat week, I'm going to start making cloth wipes. It's amazing how someone who loves great packaging can also be interested in eco friendly goods, I know its a wonky idea, but it works for me, so I'm going with it. The cloth wipes are fantastic, during the summer I had a nasty sinus infection and was going through massive amounts of tissues (tmi? yes!) so I sat down at my serger and made some halloween/autumn/seasonal nose wipes, one side 100% cotton, one side hemp fleece, which is so so soft. Fast forward to now! I'm making them on the serger, but turning and top stiching them for more durability and using organic 100% cotton fleece for the backing and a little piece of organic cotton ric rac so they could be hung! I love that they can be used in a lot of areas, in the kitchen instead of paper napkins or paper towels, to wash dishes, in the shower as a face cloth, at the gym to wipe off yucky machines, they just are fantastic! I'm going to be updating my etsy shop with some sets on Sunday night. The fabric in the photo is an unreleased collection by Moda called "Arcadia", I believe it comes out in 2009, its SO beautiful!


I've been quite addicted to google reader lately, its truly fantastic! I can save posts, share posts with notes to friends, its just an awesome service!

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Do you know what else I love? BONES! This tv show makes me so so so happy! I just think its fantastic! Porkchop & I own a fancy pants flat screen small HDTV, but we only use it for wii, so instead I stalk Fox's website waiting for the new episodes to go online, dorky? yes. But it makes me happy!