I find inspiration all over the place. I think thats why I could never ever live in a big city, I'd just die of a sensory overload!

When I start to feel overloaded, I gather up my moleskine, my camera, Mr. McPorkchop & I'm off to roads less traveled. Sometimes we have a route planned, sometimes we don't, but it always involves exploring Northern California, Southern Oregon and sometimes even Nevada. I need those days of just sitting in the truck, spacing out and looking at things, occasionally jumping out to take a photo of something or save a snakes life, you know, the usush. The nice thing about being with a country boy is that he totally understands my need to photograph and collect things, we spent all day on Saturday driving through the woods, collecting sticks, fir needles, pine needles and moss for a new project I'm working on.

I recently made the decision to drop out of college and focus on following my heart, I've had a really really hard two years and currently have stomach ulcers and a whole slew of health stuff and I realized, I'm 26, I shouldn't have ANY OF THIS. It has been amazing and scary all at once. Learning to budget money is tough, but being able to work at my on my own projects, at my own speed, is so so so worth it. Thankfully, cross my fingers, I run a successful home business, so it's not as if I'm just off in the world without anything to hold on to, but its fantastic to watch that grow and grow!

I've really really been enjoying the freedom to paint, whenever and whatever, I totally adore watercolor and its such a fast medium to play around with and I've been playing around with print gocco as well..I also just got some felt in the mail today, so so so exciting!!!!

ok! I'm hoping if I keep writing I'll have something better to say, in my other blog I'm much more eloquent, but I'm having a hard time with this one...