Tonight I'll be on the couch, crocheting & watching documentaries on roku with a heating pad.

What are you up too tonight?

Normally Thursday is my favorite night for t.v. watching, but lately our t.v. hasn't been getting a good signal & we've lost several channels, so I'm a hulu/netflix kinda girl these days! I did catch a new show on hulu yesterday called "Past Life" it kept me entertained while I hand sewed the binding on the donkey quilt. I love new shows! If you told me from 3 years ago that I not only own a tv but watch shows on a regular basis, I'd have been shocked!!!! I've always been an avid reader, completely clueless of movie & tv culture, but sewing is great for watching tv!!! Somehow I've become hooked on several shows, my current favorites are Bones, Psych, White Collar, NCIS, Fringe, CASTLE!!...I'm sure there are more. See? I love tv now!