I spent Valentines Day weekend down for the count with the flu. Nothing says "I Love You" more than boxes of tissues and gatorade. Gross.

One thing I struggle with is the lines of work & home life. Mr. McPorkchop & I rent a very small two room "cottage" while he's finishing up with school. One room is our bedroom & bathroom, the other is our living room/kitchen/my workspace. While sitting on the couch, I'm surrounded by work work work. After the earthquake I completely reorganized my sewing/work space & it's really great, all fabrics are organized by color, I have yarn in baskets by color, piles of craft books by author, thread on the walls and gorgeous prints on the walls, it's perfect for working. Unfortunately, it's also about 2 feet away from the kitchen. And the couch. Being sick meant me laying on the couch, waking up and seeing my sewing stuff. All.Damn.WEEKEND. I got two packages of new fabrics, new craft books and I couldn't do a damn thing with them. It's times like this that I wish I had a separate work and home space! I'm not sure how other stay at home businesses do it, unless they are smart & aren't guilt ridden ;)

Another thing I'm realizing is, if you suffer from allergies, don't move to a location where your allergies will bother you year round. I swear, I get brutal sinus infections once every 2 months, not like "oh this stinks" but "oh someone shoot me now". It's like I never get a chance to recover from them anymore, although I do know part of this is my fault, as I very rarely leave the house & expose myself to germs. Spending the summer in the dry, hot, valley will be a relief. I feel like my body is collecting moss living here! Mist! Fog! Rain! Humidity! Nooo more! Give me sunshine! I need to dry out please!!!!

I'm heading back to bed. I told myself last night that I'd wake up this morning perfectly healthy, because it's Monday, which is generally my favorite day of the week & most productive. Unfortunately my body laughed and said very loudly..."SUCKERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!" ;)

Hope your weekend was filled with hearts, the color pink & a metric ton of sweets!