{*~Aqua & Pink~*}

These two colors are popping up all over my house today.

I woke up early with no voice! I sort of chrip? sqwuak? instead. I walked outside & sat in the sunshine for about 20 minutes & had a hot tea. Came back instead when it looked like it might rain. I was on the couch for ohhh maybe 20 minutes when I fell asleep. I woke back up & it was sunny again!

I made myself a scalding hot pot of "soup". I'll use the term soup loosely. I ran out of homemade stock, so I rummaged around my cabinets & found two cartons of Pacific Vegetable Broth...dated 4/2009. I tweeted, googled...I gave it a go, so far I'm not dead ;). I added chili peppers, garlic, ginger, fresh spinach, tons of pepper, a tiny bit of tortellini, and red pepper flakes. It gave me 45 minutes of nonstop running nose, which felt AMAZING. Gross right? I'm planning on hopping in a very hot shower in a bit & neti-ing my nose.

In between sleeping I've been sort of like a vegetable on the couch, working on small sketches and other couch friendly activities. I love pattern drafting and it's an activity that requires thinking, a marker, a ruler, some cardstock and creative ideas. I'm working on a blythe teeshirt pattern & teeshirt dress. Normally I'll sketch and sew and seamrip and sketch and sew until something *clicks*. I'm just not ready to sew yet, no sickness on the sewing machine! eww! ;)

Also, Mr. McPorkchop very kindly bought me this as a Valentines Day gift! I asked for it *right* before V-Day, so I knew it wouldn't arrive in time, which is A-Ok with me! I'm just so excited for it! I hope it comes either tomorrow or Thursday! I've been loving growing herbs, I think since this is a special planter, it'll get a special plant. Maybe mint? Pineapple mint? I love mint & would love to try an exotic variety! Mint & I are bffs, we get along swimmingly!

I'm going to sit outside for a little bit & get some fresh air until Mr. McPorkchop comes home on his lunch break...rumor is he's bringing me home some grapefruit sorbet from Arcata Scoop. Ice cold grapefruit on my sore throat? YES PLEASE!