Sometimes I'm delusional. There. I said it.

I went to bed Sunday night *convinced* that I wouldn't be sick Monday morning. And was so confused why that didn't pan out. Here I am, WEDNESDAY and still sick. If I'm not up & around by Friday, I'm going to the dr. Yesterday afternoon I thought I felt better & went to Target for more tissues, but by late last night everrrything was moving around. I've been coughing nonstop since. Ew!

I decided to try Mucinex. So far it's made me very thirsty and....its doing its job! TMI readers? Maybe!

Mr.McPorkchop & I learned something *very* rad last night...my laptop has iMovieHD! We can make videos!!!(....get your mind out of the gutter folks!!!!)

SO! I'm going to start doing some video blogging. I've realized lately that I genuinely enjoy blogs where I feel like I get to *know* the person & share in their adventures, rather than just read flat sentences with no life in them, so I'd like to jazz up this space by sharing a little more of myself.

Here's where you come in!

What would you like to see in videos? I'm thinking my first video will be sort of a Q&A, who I am, what inspires me & general jibber jabber.

Leave me a comment or shoot me an email :)

PS: If we've been talking via email about custom sewing; pads or quilts, I've been holding off on replying, your emails have been starred & I'll resume taking orders in the order they were received once I'm on my feet again :)