Hi! My name is Amanda & I'm neurotic.

I feel like days like today I need either a swift kick in the ass or a long nap under the hugest pile of blankets.

I don't like to admit it but I'm SCATTERED right now. I have a bunch of different projects I'm working on, some stuff for the shop, some custom quilts, some camera straps, some Blythe dresses & some personal stuff and everything is just MEH to me right now. The few things I've completed I'm not happy with & I'll be spending some of my day with my trust seam ripper.

It's so weird how one day projects look *great* and the next day...meh. Not feeling them. I know I get like this often, I get scared of the direction things are going and second guess myself. Just ask poor Mr. McPorkchop...when we first started dating we'd have an amazing weekend & I'd suddenly become terrified & want to call things off. Scared of commitment? Scared of failure? Scared of taking chances? Check! Check! CHECK! That's me in a nutshell! My poor bestie has had to have many talks with me about this. Thanks Buddy ;)

One of my 2010 goals was to stop letting fear take control over my days, to buck up & accept the good AND the bad, to realize that I'm not a sewing machine & not everything I sew will look perfect 100% of the time, that handmade literally means HAND MADE & to be more accepting. Having a goal is one thing...putting it into practice is a different story. I'm spending the rest of this super sunny day by going for a walk around the block, maybe shooting some film & accepting that sometimes things just don't go as planned!

Tonight we are moving my sewing machine so I can have more space & sit in front of our very nice windows. Right now my sewing machine has a wall behind it and it makes chain piecing & quilting kinda a PITA, so now I'll have a window to gaze out & a taller table that has more depth. Greta (that's her name!) will take up the width of the new table, but not the length...hmmm. My old sewing space will be for cutting & for Mr. McPorkchop to do homework on.

Maybe I'll make some bunting for the window in front of my new space?!  That's a good way for some positive sewing mojo & inspiration! Plus some pandora rock music!

My question to you friends is this...what do you do when you are feeling less than stellar about the things you create? Any favorite songs that pull you out of your funk?