{*~Machine Inspiration~*}

I thought I'd blog today about sewing machines that are unique! I know some people prefer the clean white lines of a nice sewing machine but I think if your going to sit at it for hours a day or just a few hours a month, it should reflect your personality & make you smile! Sewing = Smiling, so Sewing Machines should REALLY equal BIG SMILES!

Here are three of my favorite flickr finds!


At some point in my life I'd LOVE a pink sewing machine!



I added this raccoon sticker this morning! You can buy the same ones here!

This is the front of my machine! Kawaii sticker central!!! I collect them & love sticking them to stuff. I just indulged in some japanese washi masking tape, so I'm sure I'll stick some of that to my machine :)

I also really like this post from Hambly Screen prints! I think it looks classy!

So have you stuck anything to your machine? At first I was scared to stick anything to this machine but I got over that fast ;)

Happy Friday friends!