{*~Welcome Back~*}

Hi Friends!

It's surprisingly nice to be home!

We've been back since Sunday afternoon and we both have been running around like crazies since then!

My days have been spent on the phone, sewing with friends, cooking up a storm and making exciting plans. Some stuff I can't wait to show you, other stuff has to wait until I can share them.

I've been feeling better and worse all at once. Better because I'm only using my rescue inhaler once or twice a day, which I know still isn't *great* but it's a heck of a lot better than it has been. The worse is being on steroids has made my already chubby body gain weight and it's made me extremely self conscious. Like can barely button my pants self conscious. But being able to breathe is great! The valley was very dry and I could sleep like a rock at night. I got some sewing done and a lot of reading as well! I put a lot of miles on my fold up rocking chair!

There is so much good stuff I want to talk about, some quilt alongs, some shop news, some stuff thats been inspiring me, a few recipes to share...woohoo! I'll be updating a lot this week as stuff gets finished & inspiration strikes!

I think I'm going to watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on hulu tonight while I'm organizing some stuff, have you guys seen it? A few of my friends have been talking about it nonstop!

So whats new with you guys? Anything fun going on?