{~*Like A Good Neighbor*~}

This week has been insane! So much stuff getting done! So much stress! So much running around!

Today is my day to play catch up...in a good way. Catch up with google reader, catch up with 2 months of magazines, catch up with some errands (new Liberty rain boots became mine as a gift from Mr. McPorkchop!), catch up on taking photos.

I thought today I'd share some of my favorite flickr friends. Do you ever look at a persons photostream & wish they were your neighbor? Like someone you'd love to spend an afternoon with and you just *know* you'd have a blast?

Let me introduce you to some gals I have a flickr neighbor crush on! I'm building my own personal neighborhood of awesomeness!

First up, jenib320!!!! Ok, not only does she sew some super cute stuff, but she is seriously the queen of awesome thrifting! She finds the BEST stuff ever. Every time she posts I think "mmm I should visit a local thrift shop"...and I'M ALWAYS LET DOWN! I think she just has a great eye & fantastic luck! Add her as a contact and you'll see what I mean! And she has a cuuute blog!

Secondly, The Sometimes Crafter! Gosh, this gal knows her way around a camera! She takes beautiful photos, sews some great stuff and documents life beautifully. Plus, she's GORGEOUS!!!! Her blog is full of great stuff as well! I feel like she & I could be great real life friends!

Every neighborhood needs someone ultra hip & a great place to sew.... theworkroom! She is a great flickr contact to have, she posts a lot of beautiful photos that aren't always posted on her blog. I really like seeing the creations her customers make and I'm constantly finding inspiration in her personal projects! She makes some incredible dresses from Japanese craft books that are stunning!

I think this is a good place to stop but I think I'm going to keep introducing you to more people I'd love as neighbors. Of course there are my besties, which I think I'll blog about next week!

Have a great rest of your weekend!

P.S.: If you'd rather I not use your photos/blogs/flickrs, please let me know & I'll gladly take it down :)