I've been taking fresh colorful photos because the world outside my windows lately is bleak. Gray! Dim! Not in some large philosophical sense. But as in the weather conditions!!!

The weekend was spent oversleeping, reading (I've just finished up with the entire series of "Bones" books!), spending time cooking some fantastic meals, trying to stay warm, wearing rainboots to get the mail, sewing & hating the things I was making & daydreaming of sunshine & flipflops.

Today I almost went indoor tanning, the feeling of drab oppression from the constant rain was getting to me! But my wallet, skin & tattoos would be mad at me. So I drove away. But now I'm kinda wishing I'd gone!  Brrrr!!!

Also, a very huge thank you to everyone who commented on my quilt over at sewmamasew! Everyone has been so kind! Thank you thank you thank you!

Have a great Monday friends!