The Porkchop & I took an impromptu trip to the valley this week. My sewing machine was acting up and bringing me to the verge of tears. We decided we'd go home Tuesday night, fix the machine on Wednesday, be back here early Thursday.

That turned into "lets stay longer & come home early Saturday am". And while I was at it, I pretty much brought Yahaira with me. She was getting so many picture & text messages from me! It was like vacationing with friends! Poor girl ;)

We visited some wildlife refuges, I was able to add a few new birds to my life list (I need a wordpress bird life list widget!): American Bittern, Marsh Wren, Yellow Rumped Warbler, Western King Bird and Common Moorhen, Common Snipe, Gadwall, Black Crowned Night Herons (roosting & at first we thought they were plastic bags caught in trees!)  my new favorite: Black Necked Stilt (he reminds me of a Mondrian painting with his colors & legginess!)!!! Turkeys & pheasants are all mating this time of year so they were out in abundance & full of color & displays! It was a great time for birding.

We drove a different route this time, which was kinda nice. Normally we drive highway 299 that crosses a  range of mountains but my eustachian tubes are filled with fluid (tmi? maybe!) and the thought of changing altitudes was NOT appealing. We did that during spring break without thinking and hollllly smokes was that painful. I'm taking medicine for it but thats another story for another time! So we drove highway 20, which goes down 101 and then over. It was a pretty drive but about 6 hours...eeep! It goes through Mendocino, Clear Lake and then pops you out at Williams on I-5.

Today I'm playing catch up, emails, blogs, quilt stuff, business stuff, bills, etc. Last night I downloaded an app for my phone, I'm not really an "app" person, I like accuweather, tumblr, flashlight but thats about it. Rangsiwan suggested one called "doodle jump"

Let's just say that's the best little game EVER. I'm pretty much in love! He's hilarious with his little jet packs and four legs!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I'm going to leave you with a treasure I got this morning! Refrigerator dishes! I was a hard bargainer & I got them! Mr. McPorkchop was impressed by my ferocious bargaining skills....hey! We are Porkchops on a budget! I think refrigerator dishes are going to be my "thing", there are so many uses for them, craft supplies, snacks, medicine holders, planters, etc! The same dealer had a pink one, but I couldn't tell if it was an actual pink one or a red that had faded. Hmmm.

Happy Sunday Everyone!