I spent the beginning of the week asleep or wishing I was asleep. And watching hulu like a lump on the couch under a mountain of blankets.

I went Monday morning to get some blood work done, more food allergies, hormone levels, thyroid, vitamin levels, blood count, etc. It was the most they've ever taken in one sitting and I'd been fasting so by the time I got home after 1:30ish...I was done & down for the count.

My doctor put me on a restrictive diet until my blood work comes back. No dairy, corn, soy, wheat, nuts, raw fruits/veggies, limited caffeine. And eating something every 2ish hours. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this, partly I'm excited because I love a good cooking challenge, partly I'm bummed out because that really really really limits & gets rid of some of my favorite things! (dairy & nuts! I love cheese & almonds!) And I'm *really* bad about remembering to eat all the time.

It might be a little quiet around here at Chez Mc. Porkchop, today is my first day sewing in a little while and I'm running around like a headless chicken, not having any "convenience" food (yogurt...I miss you already!) will mean a bit more time in the kitchen. I'm hoping to make some bigger dishes that can be frozen & portioned through out the week tonight. I found this recipe for homemade bouillon that I'm going to try! I can already tell that I'll be using Heidi's website even more than normal!

Or, I might get so inspired with all the sewing & cooking & hopefully feeling better that I might be a posting machine! Who knows!? I gotta make up for a few lost days ;)

In other news, Mr. McPorkchop helped me with kindle! He downloaded calibre and I've been able to read pdfs in kindle format! He got me two entire SERIES of books for under $10! 14 books total! Score!

If you've sent me an email recently, I'm sorry, I'm very behind on replies/comments/questions! I'm trying to get caught up but as this is now a coffee free environment, it might take me a little longer! ;)

I hope your having a Wednesday! I got caught up on flash forward & chuck while sewing and holllllly smokes! SO MUCH STUFF!!!!! gah!!!!!!!!! Just when I thought I was over those shows...they sucked me right back in ;)